Plateau Picnic Table

Plateau Picnic Table

Plateau Picnic Table Details

PLATEAU presents a stringent, almost graphic expression firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition.  Designed to provide numerous seats in socially oriented formations, Plateau is produced from durable materials requiring little or no maintenance other than soap and water.

Available in three models to provide accessibility for all kinds of users and combining the models in different ways provides a variety of solutions, both functionally and aesthetically.

Plateau O is the basic model: a table with an integrated bench all the way around it. Seats 10-12.

Plateau L has two benches providing staggered access to the table along a flat diagonal with each bench forming a letter L. This allows easy access for all ages. Seats 8-10.

Plateau I features two benches surrounding the table, with room for a wheelchair at either end. Seats 6-8 - including two wheelchairs.


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