Jangir Maddadi

Jangir Maddadi

Jangir Maddadi's range, offers the most unique of products for public furniture design today, supplied exclusively in the UK from Artform Urban Furniture.

Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau provide innovative design for public and private spaces, interior and exterior. Their goal is clear, to create unique pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Jangir Maddadi's designs have strength and character and are 100% Swedish made.

“Never content with the ordinary, we seek beyond what already exists, forcing ourselves to find the next step. We take risks, breathing life into the quotidian, mundane objects of our world. We give these objects the integrity that they deserve by initiating our own unique designs to a world of the “normal.” We owe it to all people, in this generation and those to come, to create innovative pieces that are both impeccably functional and breathtakingly beautiful.” - Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau

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