Waterbeach Barracks

Waterbeach Barracks

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Waterbeach Barracks Project Details

Project Name: Waterbeach Barracks
Location: Cambridgeshire
Client: Urban & Civic
Contractor: ECL Civils
Products Used: Bull Seating, Bull Picnic Set

Artform Urban Furniture provide a range of accessible seating for a new community just north of Waterbeach Village in Cambridgeshire.

Waterbeach Barracks is a new community development undertaken by Urban & Civic. This project aims to create a harmonious living environment through a multi-phase development plan that includes homes, educational institutions, green spaces, and various community amenities. 

Artform Urban Furniture was selected to provide an extensive and accessible seating package to enhance the usability and aesthetic appeal of the public spaces within this new community.

Design and Product Selection

To meet the project requirements, Artform Urban Furniture chose the Bull Seating range from their Italian partners, Metalco, for its versatility and robust design. This range features steel band legs that offer flexibility in design and manufacture, in total there were 15 variations of inclusive furniture produced for the project from stools, to benches and seats with backrests to picnic sets all tailored to the client's needs to accommodate different abilities and generations.

The Bull Seating and Picnic Sets were strategically placed throughout the vast parkland areas within the community. These seating installations provide residents with numerous opportunities to rest, enjoy the natural surroundings, or have picnics by the ponds. This thoughtful placement encourages community interaction and enhances the usability of the green spaces.


The Waterbeach Barracks project demonstrates the importance of early integration of inclusive and inviting green spaces in residential developments. Artform Urban Furniture's contribution has helped create a welcoming and functional environment that enhances the quality of life for all residents. This case study underscores the value of thoughtful design and planning in building successful and cohesive communities.

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