Colwyn Bay Seafront Phase 2

Colwyn Bay Seafront Phase 2

Colwyn Bay Seafront Phase 2 Project Details

Project Name: Colwyn Bay Seafront (Phase 2)
Location: North Wales
Client: Alun Griffiths
Landscape Architect: BCA Landscape
Products Used: Anastasio, Makatite, Live Chaise Longue, Bailo, Kore, Break Time Table, Break Time Seat, Stone, Bespoke oak sleeper seating

Artform Urban was tasked with providing an extensive street furniture package as the finishing touch to Phase 2 of the coastal defence project at Colwyn Bay Beach. This project, led by Alun Griffiths and designed by BCA Landscape, extended the coastal defences from Colwyn Bay beach to Rhos on Sea, a popular seaside town in North Wales. Stakeholders were so pleased with the level of service and quality offered previously, making it inevitable for Artform Urban to be involved with the second phase of this project too.

The coastal defences have been enhanced by importing over 1 million tonnes of sand from the seabed to bolster the area with aims to safeguard the seawall, as well as properties and infrastructure behind it from the ongoing threats posed by the sea and anticipated climate change impacts.

The project also encompasses upgrades to the promenade, which has been widened to offer more space for pedestrians and cyclists. Here, Artforms varied and extensive range of quality street furniture elements has been utilised to create an inviting and vibrant stretch of Seafront. 

Key Elements and Products

Anastasio / Makatite Benches

To ensure consistency from the previous phase, the monolithic concrete Anastasio and Makatite benches were continued along the new stretch of coastline. These benches offer durability with an elegant and minimal design, enhancing the aesthetic continuity of the seafront.

Break Time Tables and Chairs

Recognising the need to accommodate the new visitors the client specified the requirement for accessible tables and seating for dining and socialising. The product chosen was the Break Time range of vibrant fully powder-coated steel tables and chairs. The range is versatile and available in a range of heights; From bar stool high tables - to standard heights and feature seats with optional backrests. The seats also rotate to improve accessibility. Many of the units installed have omitted seating spaces to allow for inclusive wheelchair access.

Stone benches 

The stone is one of Artform Urban's most popular seating options - becoming a common feature on external projects thanks to its incredibly durable design and unique and inviting aesthetics. This project features small and medium sizes in a white velvet finish High-Performance Concrete, adding both durability and visual appeal to the area.

Bailo Seating

To match the colourful theme, Bailo seating featuring pastel blue and green powder-coated aluminium frame runs in linear installations along the seafront. The benefit of cast aluminium is the flexibility of design without hindering strength. The Bailo seating features intricate and high-quality profiles that exude elegance and style. The seating has been supplied in 2 sizes with armrests to aid accessibility and comfort.

Bespoke Oak Sleeper Benches

Adding a friendly and natural touch, large bespoke Oak sleeper benches were installed. These benches, made from solid, naturally weathered timber beams, are supported by Basalt Grey powder-coated steel box section legs. They feature backrests and armrests at strategic points to accommodate a variety of users. Some benches have "Happy to chat" messages engraved in English and Welsh to encourage socialising and tackle loneliness. Chronic loneliness can have an impact on memory, as well as mental and physical health so it's great to see this initiative being taken in this space.

Live loungers

Brightly coloured Live Chaise Longue loungers have become a popular addition, offering one of the most comfortable spots with a reclined view of the sea. These loungers come in vibrant powder-coated frames in Lemon Yellow, Pure Orange, Pastel Green, and Light Blue, with wood composite slats, and even feature a mini table for your pina colada or flask of tea, providing both style and comfort.

Kore Seating

For the first time in the UK, the award-winning Kore range of wave-like benches was installed. This range is a highlight of the seafront, featuring eye-catching designs that invite users to sit, lounge, and even play. Manufactured in High-Performance Concrete with thick sheet steel supports, the Kore benches come in three shapes (A, B, & C) that combine to form a long, wavy seating option.


Here at Artform Urban, we’re all proud of having been key players in transforming the Colwyn Bay Beach promenade into an inviting, vibrant, and functional space. Along with the necessary coastal defences, this intervention upgraded the area creating a welcoming environment for locals and tourists to enjoy in both season and off-season periods. The community has embraced the new space, with the upgraded promenade offering ample room for pedestrians and cyclists, and the diverse seating options catering to various needs and preferences. Locals have affectionately dubbed the area "Costa del Rhos," reflecting their pride and satisfaction with the improvements.

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