Artform tackle London pollution through innovative bench design

Artform tackle London pollution through innovative bench design

At the start of 2017, the UK government advised that air pollution levels had reached "very high" or "high" in eight regions across the UK. People with lung problems, adults with heart problems, or older people should avoid strenuous physical activity in the most badly hit areas, it said.

Additionally in London, the Mayor issued a separate "very high" alert about "filthy" air.

Clearly the convenience of modern city living comes at a cost and it would appear we are at a watershed moment in the UK.

Concerted action needs to be taken on a number of fronts if we are to tackle air pollution and safeguard air quality for now and for future generations.

The Street Furniture solution to urban pollution...

Airlabs, based in Denmark, is a company that strives to decrease the amount of pollution in cities and improve the health of millions. Their technology works to remove harmful pollutants from the air and to provide clean air in return.

Artform Urban Furniture are experts in attractive, design led public realm furniture, based in the UK. Airlabs contacted Artform back in 2016 to consider a collaborative approach, combining high quality, bespoke outdoor design solutions and Airlabs incredible air purifying technology.

Siamak Ardkapan, Airlabs Engineer, provided an outline of the product that they envisioned. The work up of the design including the integration of the Air Handling Units was completed by Artforms in house design team.

Product Details

The Clean Air Bench is manufactured using a stainless steel and a powder coated steel frame with sapele hardwood slats. The bench was designed for modular construction for ease of on-site installation, including the electronic components. Every piece had to be specially designed and machined to create the perfect precision finish.

The prototype was recently exhibited on the River Terrace at Somerset House, London, for the Space to Breath Exhibition in Jan 2017. The product was very well received by all who used it and the Airlabs team met with many engaged citizens who were passionate about finding solutions to London’s air quality crisis.

Artform tackle London pollution through innovative bench design

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