Quayside Newcastle

Quayside Newcastle

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Quayside Newcastle Project Details

Project Name: Quayside Newcastle
Location: Newcastle
Client: Newcastle NE1 Ltd
Products Used: Loop Light Orange

Illuminating Quayside, Newcastle with Vibrant Loop Benches by Artform Urban Furniture

Quayside in Newcastle, renowned for its scenic views of the River Tyne, was identified by NE1 as a key area of focus in their plan to revitalise the city. The project sought to increase footfall, attract new businesses, and create a vibrant urban quarter with a distinct brand identity.

A range of Loop Benches in a striking orange colour, complete with LED lighting was specified for the project. These benches provided functional seating and served as illuminated landmarks, enhancing the area's ambience during both day and night. The integrated lighting created a captivating visual effect, drawing attention and encouraging engagement. The vibrant orange hue was chosen to add a pop of colour to the pavilion area, creating a lively and welcoming space.

Artform Urban Furniture worked closely with the client to determine the optimal placement of the Loop Benches, considering factors such as pedestrian flow, sightlines, and accessibility. The benches were securely anchored to the ground to withstand high winds and prevent theft or vandalism. The benches were constructed using durable materials to withstand outdoor conditions and were equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting to minimise environmental impact and maintenance costs.

The project at Quayside in Newcastle showcases the successful integration of urban furniture with lighting elements in urban rejuvenation initiatives. The Quayside businesses have seen a boost in sales and NE1 continues to nurture the work done by hosting events that create a vibrant and inclusive hub for residents and visitors.

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