MOOVE Bench Details

MOOVE is a modern interpretation of the classic bench without a backrest. This is an item of furniture that will never run out of new ways to use it. MOOVE combines the classic round shape with the characteristic L-shaped profile. Can be used to furnish either indoor or outdoor settings, exactly as you like. 

The 2.4 metre diameter makes it large enough to for the bench to be used by a number of users or only a few. It is big enough to allow people to sit on it, around it, or even in the circle in the middle.

Nothing dictates what is up or down for MOOVE, and this solid-cast, impressive shape in rotationally moulded plastic is just as suitable for outdoor as indoor settings. Many colour options are available meaning you can give spaces their own unique identity. And even greater flexibility. If you choose a colour such as orange for your MOOVE, it will brighten up the surroundings and provide a natural focus. While a MOOVE in black has a more classic, stylish look, that blends in with its surroundings more discreetly. MOOVE is available in standard colours orange, red and black.

The size and weight of the bench mean it can stand on the ground with no further attachment neededIf MOOVE is set up in the inverted V-shape, can be fixed to the ground with a bracket and/or by filling the bench, via a hole in the side, with water or sand and closing it with a screw top.

Urban furniture made of plastic offers many advantages. It tolerates weather and wind well, and is solid and sturdy. And it is also very easy to maintain. When it needs cleaning, all you need is a soft brush and soapy water. If is really dirty, it can also be cleaned using a pressure washer.

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