NEW: Take Out Table - connected seating with refined lines & improved versatility

NEW: Take Out Table - connected seating with refined lines & improved versatility

Designed by Rodrigo Torres, Take-Out expands on the connected seating concept with refined lines and improved versatility. Light enough to be picked up, arranged and rearranged, Take-Out opens up new ways for people to connect in outdoor spaces—face-to-face or abreast, an intimate chat or a large group gathering.

Five different silhouettes—a single, double, triple, left triple and right triple —can either stand alone or work together in myriad arrangements. Placed side-by-side, Take-Out can form a long run of seating and surface for group meals, meetings or brainstorming sessions. Arranged in a grid, Take-Out makes for a lively outdoor café atmosphere. Arranged face-to-face, Take-Out can form an ever-expandable communal picnic table. One-sided tables are especially suited to maximize the usability of edge spaces or spaces abutting walls.

Take-Out is about bringing people together in ways that accurately reflect the character of the occasion. How we sit in relation to one another can have very different emotional connotations. Sitting side-by-side, we feel casual and relaxed, sharing a cosy moment as the world passes by in front of us. Sitting face-to-face, the focus is more deeply on one another, engaging in intimate conversation or collaborating on a shared project. Take-Out shines in both these contexts and more as it easily scales with the size of the group.

Take-Out’s minimalist form is designed to maximize its function, comfort and accessibility. Gently curved edges eliminate pressure points on the elbows and behind the knees while also lending Take-Out a warm, welcoming gesture. Easy entry from either side or from behind means no more awkward climbing over tablemates. With sheet metal tops and extruded aluminium verticals, Take-Out’s design and component materials are simple, concise and enduring. Powder coated surfaces withstand the elements and provide lively pops of colour. Durable nylon glides on the contact points offer enhanced mobility and durability in rearranging.

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