Prince's Quay Housing Development

Prince's Quay Housing Development

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Prince's Quay Housing Development Project Details

Project Name: Prince's Quay Housing Development
Location: Pacific Quay, Glasgow
Client: Keyline
Landscape Architect: Oobe
Products Used: Isolaurbana, Alterego

Enhancing Urban Living with Artform's AlterEgo and Isolaurbana Benches at Prince's Quay, Glasgow.

The Prince's Quay housing development, located in the heart of Glasgow, sought to create a modern and inviting communal space that fosters a sense of community and connection among its residents. To achieve this vision, the developers collaborated with Artform Urban Furniture to incorporate innovative and aesthetically pleasing urban benches. Artform's AlterEgo and Isolaurbana benches were chosen for their design versatility, durability, and capacity to enhance the overall atmosphere of the public area.

The AlterEgo and Isolaurbana benches were strategically placed around gathering points within the communal area. The combination of steel, High-Performance Concrete and wooden elements added a contemporary touch while ensuring durability and longevity. 

The products are part of the Vitaurbana (Urban Life) collection designed by Massimo Tasca - the collection features a range of modular seating and planting elements that can be combined or placed individually to create a unified urbanscape.

The project successfully balances community interaction and personal space, fostering a sense of belonging among the residents. Through this collaboration, Artform demonstrated its ability to provide innovative and adaptable urban furniture solutions that contribute to the overall quality of modern urban living environments.

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