Create Unified landscapes with our 2 in 1 Planter/Seating Range

Create Unified landscapes with our 2 in 1 Planter/Seating Range

The three planter designs from our partner Metalco all share the same design concept. Each shape is firstly made as a planter, with the addition of hardwood timbers across the surface which then creates a bench. A design feature that lends itself well to creating unified landscapes. 

The Austen Planter is a trapezoid shape, which can be configured into a variety of sequences, creating a larger overall planter / seat combination. This unique shape can also incorporate LED lighting to the underside, improving evening visibility. Manufactured from Ultra-High Performance Concrete and exotic timbers.


The Balzac Planter comes in 3 different heights however, only the shortest planter is able to transform into a bench. The various sizes complement each other when arranged as a trio. The inverted bell shaped planters were designed by Metalco’s Pamio Design. Manufactured from reconstituted stone and timber.


The Triangle Planter is exactly as it name states, a triangular shaped planter. The seating element of this planter can be included without compromising the planter. Individual sections can be aligned, creating additional shapes and layouts. Designed by Metalco’s Staubach + Kuckertz. Manufactured from powder coated steel and okoume plywood.

All 3 planters & seating elements can be installed both internally and externally, making them ideal for shopping centres and retail parks.

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